CTV – Quality in Eu projects

A few assumptions before starting

Gianmaria Capuano© Progetto FIAF-CSVnet “Tanti per tutti. Viaggio nel volontariato italiano

Before starting to describe quality, we have to address two important assumptions.

First assumption: A European project is first of all a project

This means that all the elements that are important for a local project are still valid for the international context. Needs analysis, definition of goals, results, work packages, actions, tasks, risk analysis, and other steps are important for a local project as well as for international collaborations.

Second assumption: you perform quality for “a better world”, people must benefit from the quality of your project.

Starting from the idea that every project is designed to add a positive change in our world we can analyze who the main players.  n each project funded by the European Union we have two important players, three if we include you as a “partnership”. The sponsor is normally the European Commission or any of these executive agencies, such as the EACEA or a National Agency for Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps. The sponsor is who is paying for your project, acts, in certain ways, as the client. The targets are the people or the groups toward which the project aims to create a positive change.

  • The sponsor will check the quality of your project.
  • The target will benefit from the quality of your project.