Quality in EU projects

This section will explain to you what is quality in European project and why it’s important to perform it. The motto of the module is: MAKE A QUALITATIVE LEAP

Quality is something that is quite clear to everyone as a general concept but is hard to define as a principle and as an operative tool to design good projects. In this chapter, we will study the concept of quality and we will learn how it can be applied to European projects.

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Before starting it’s important to define how we use the term quality in daily life, according to a google definition quality is a noun that indicates:

  1. The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.
  2. A distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.

Already from those two definitions, we can underline two important elements of quality:  The measurement, the concept of excellence, a distinctive attribute.

In a project, quality can be defined as:

“a product or service that can perform satisfactorily and is suitable for its intended purpose.”

So, starting with this definition, we see that to define quality we need a clear understanding of what we want to do. We need to know the goals we have to reach, the results we want to produce and the target we need to affect by our project. Two other important variables must be considered: The amount of time we have and the number of resources we can use. It’s not possible to define the quality of a project if these elements are not clear, and at the same time, we can say there is no quality without a good project plan and structure.