Platform for Volunteers to learn how to prepare and run international projects

This is the place where you can familiarize yourself with different aspects of preparing and running international projects. Complex Toolbox for Volunteers is an innovative educational resource dedicated to volunteers and adult educators which aims to help them to start and to run international projects.

Through this platform you will be able to develop and enhance:

>>Digital competence
Using the platform will help you to rise basic skills in ICT, in particular using the digital technologies and communication and networking tools to create, manage, integrate and evaluate information needed for successful projects development and management

>>Intercultural competence
Two of the modules created (internationalization and interculturality) concern specifically working with different cultures. In the module Internationalization for voluntary organizations, you will specifically learn the basics of this concept, as well as its pros and cons.

>>Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
The platform with Toolbox covers the whole process from the idea until the project and from the project’s beginning to its end and beyond.

The entire training last 50 hours and it is divided into 5 learning modules, each one corresponding to a different area of international work with projects, plus an additional module that collects and organizes all tools.

The training experience is self-administered, and at the end of each module you will find quizzes to test your learning and an additional set of practical tools that might be useful for you and your projects.

Are you ready to start? Choose your module and let the learning begin!