Complex Toolbox for Volunteers

IT for SHE

Education and training

Equality and non-discrimination

Skills development

IT for SHE is a volunteer program. As part of the program, active it students (women) will conduct online programming and new technologies classes for primary school children from small towns and villages all over Poland. These classes will take place from July to October.

Fundacja Edukacyjna Perspektywy (Education Foundation Perspektywy)

"Perspektywy” Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit national organization established June 1st, 1998 to promote and support education. It organizes public debates and seminars on education, organizes in all 18 academic centers in Poland information campaigns for high school seniors and students on higher education. Projects promoting participation of women in the STEM education is the main specialization of the Foundation.


Ul. Nowogrodzka 31,
PL 00-511 Warszawa, Poland

Partner 1

Polsko-Amerykańska Fundacja Wolności (Polish-American Freedom Foundation)

The Foundation was founded by the Polish-American Enterprise Fund. The Polish-American Freedom Foundation offers support through its programs.


ul. Królowej Marysieńki 48,
02-954 Warszawa, Poland

Partner 2

Projektor Wolontariat Studencki (PROJECTOR – student volunteering)

PROJECTOR – student volunteering is a key program implemented by the Volunteer Development Foundation. The author and founder is the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. The aim of the programme is to activate and prevent the exclusion of children and young people from small towns and villages throughout Poland. The departments are based on developing their passions and interests and discovering talents.
Volunteers in Projektor are students of different fields, from different universities in Poland.


ul. Marii Curie Skłodowskiej 3/2.32,
20-029 Lublin, Poland

The programme aims to increase children's interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), as well as to promote women as technology experts and to mobilise their social potential.

To increase the participation of women in the technology industry by helping talented students of faculties related to new technologies to enter the labor market .

Roles of the volunteers


Have been involved in the implementation

Eu program



Quality Standards of project with volunteers

I declare that my project meets all the quality requirements here listed

  • There are clear, planned outcomes for the local community based on identified needs.
  • Volunteers bring added value to the project and don’t replace paid staff.
  • Volunteers are recruited, trained and managed according to the quality volunteer management cycle.
  • The conditions of the opportunity are inline with the relevant legal framework in the country/ region concerned. Eg regarding insurance, expenses payments, agreements/contracts etc.
  • The volunteers are celebrated and thanked for their time and commitment.


  • The organization providing the volunteer opportunity demonstrates an inclusive approach. Volunteers from all backgrounds and situations are welcome.


  • There is the opportunity for the learning acquired through volunteering to be validated, if the volunteer desires it.