Fostering the cultural life in the Vega of Granada

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Climate action, environment and nature protection

European identity and values

Rural development and urban regeneration

In our project of European Solidarity Bodies "Fostering the cultural life of the Vega of Granada", which will take place from June 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2020. The centre of it will be in in Trasmulas, although it will be extended to the whole Vega of Granada. The participants will be 4 people from Germany, Algeria, Morocco and France who will have the opportunity to get involved in different activities of non-formal education and active education at local and international level, create their own projects regarding artistic, cultural and environmental activities, get involved in the educational system with linguistic animation activities, supporting the institutions of Láchar, Peñuelas or Trasmulas in sociocultural events and being an active part of raising awareness and advocacy activities focused on the environmental and cultural conservation of the Vega of Granada.

Intercultural life - educación activa por un mundo intercultural

Through our work we provide the framework for creative and lifelong learning that enables individuals to develop their skills of interaction, reflection and social action.

It is a current challenge to learn to coexist with cultural and social differences and to be able to adapt to permanent changes. To this end, we believe it is essential to facilitate intercultural dialogue, to help the individual to develop a critical attitude and to encourage his or her active involvement in our society.


C/Barrio bajo 16
Trasmulas / Granada

Partner 1

Tours Maison de l'Europe

Promote European citizenship and solidarity, they also have non-formal education actions and actively promote youth participation.


97 bis, Boulevard Jean Royer, 37000 Tours

Partner 2

The association Chifae

The Chifae Association for Development and Training is a non-profit association created with the aim of contributing to the development of the large district of Bir-Chifa in Beni-Makada by initiating structuring and proximity projects. Through non-formal education they encourage active and democratic participation in the community


Avenue principale, Bir Chifae, calle 43, n°4 Beni Makada

Partner 3


Whose projects are active in the fields of intercultural work, social integration, migration, inclusion, health, social work, cultural activities and arts. They have a large network of facilitators and trainers in these areas. They use artistic, didactic and multimedia tools (drawing, music, theater, song, photography, video, etc.) as a means of expression and recognition of potential. This partner, given its diverses experiences, will bring a lot of expertise to the project.


Glogauer Straße 21
10999 Berlin

Carrying out this project we want to promote the local development of the Vega Granadina and the disadvantaged areas of the city of Granada. We aimed to promote understanding between young people from different cultures and contexts, open horizons for young people with fewer opportunities both in rural areas and disadvantaged neighborhoods of the city, encourage the socio-cultural life of the Vega of Granada and especially its rural areas, encourage youth participation, creativity, healthy lifestyles, and respect for the environment. By providing spaces for intercultural dialogue between international volunteers, young people from rural areas, cities and the local community we would like to bring Europe closer to rural areas in Andalusia and to disadvantaged areas of Granada through the reinforcement of the identity of this area revaluing its immense cultural and environmental heritage.

In cooperation with the collaborating schools and Vega Educa together with other groups will be carried out activities of Education for Development that focused on the dissemination and awareness on topics such as Human Rights, Environment and Ecology, Gender Equality, European Citizenship, Solidarity and Culture of Peace. Within these collaborating institutions will also be developed activities of linguistic animation in English and French.

Roles of the volunteers


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Rural development and urban regeneration, Climate action, environment and nature protection European identity and values

Quality Standards of project with volunteers

I declare that my project meets all the quality requirements here listed

  • There are clear, planned outcomes for the local community based on identified needs.
  • Volunteers bring added value to the project and don’t replace paid staff.
  • Volunteers are recruited, trained and managed according to the quality volunteer management cycle.
  • The conditions of the opportunity are inline with the relevant legal framework in the country/ region concerned. Eg regarding insurance, expenses payments, agreements/contracts etc.
  • The volunteers are celebrated and thanked for their time and commitment.


  • The organization providing the volunteer opportunity demonstrates an inclusive approach. Volunteers from all backgrounds and situations are welcome.


  • There is the opportunity for the learning acquired through volunteering to be validated, if the volunteer desires it.