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The concept of the "Law Clinic" originated at American universities and has been practiced there since the 1960s. What is meant by this is free legal counseling by students for those seeking advice. In addition to training their practical skills, law students can in this way give socially disadvantaged groups of people access to qualified legal advice. So it's a win-win situation! Some of these law clinics - the "Refugee Law Clinics" - have specialized in the areas of asylum and immigration law. We - the Refugee Law Clinic Munich e.V. - are a student initiative which, as a non-profit association, offers asylum seekers, refugees and foreigners free legal advice in the area of asylum and foreigners law. We are in constant exchange with the experienced lawyers from our advisory board.

Refugee Law Clinics Deutschland

Founded in September 2016, the non-profit Refugee Law Clinics Deutschland e.V. is the association of student legal clinics in the field of migration law. As the federal association of RLCs, it promotes the working conditions of its members in a sustainable manner. The association achieves this primarily by providing structural and professional support to the individual RLCs as a whole, including organizing the annual network meeting of student migration law clinics in Weingarten. In addition, the association uses its nationwide orientation to network with relevant governmental and non-governmental actors and represents the interests of the German RLCs to them.



The Refugee Law Clinic provides legal support to refugees in terms of migration law. Law students are able to enhance their knowledge and skills while doing important voluntary work and refugees, who often do not have the money to get legal support from full lawyers, get the assistance and support they need. Thanks to various partners, we are also able to provide help when it comes to searching a job or a flat.

Students benefit from acquiring knowledge in a specialized field while still studying. An internal training program imparts the necessary knowledge in refugee and alien law, an area of law that still occupies a niche position in current university education. Advanced members of the Refugee Law Clinic apply the acquired knowledge in practice, e.g. during office hours or when supervising a mandate under the guidance of fully qualified lawyers.

The clients receive close, personal support through this offer. Refugee Law Clinics are often the first point of contact for those who cannot afford legal advice.

Roles of the volunteers


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Quality Standards of project with volunteers

I declare that my project meets all the quality requirements here listed

  • There are clear, planned outcomes for the local community based on identified needs.
  • Volunteers bring added value to the project and don’t replace paid staff.
  • Volunteers are recruited, trained and managed according to the quality volunteer management cycle.
  • The conditions of the opportunity are inline with the relevant legal framework in the country/ region concerned. Eg regarding insurance, expenses payments, agreements/contracts etc.
  • The volunteers are celebrated and thanked for their time and commitment.


  • The organization providing the volunteer opportunity demonstrates an inclusive approach. Volunteers from all backgrounds and situations are welcome.


  • There is the opportunity for the learning acquired through volunteering to be validated, if the volunteer desires it.