Complex Toolbox for Volunteers

Program Operacyjny Pomoc Zywnosciowa 2014-2020 - Podprogram 2018 (PL)

Health and wellbeing

Human rights

Social assistance and welfare

The aim of the program was to offer free food packages and wholesome meals for people in need, facing difficult material situation. Furthermore, the goal was to involve those people in various activities aimed at including them in local communities and improving their lives.

Ministry of Family and Social Policy (PL)

Polish Ministry responsible for various projects which are supposed to improve the life of Polish families, the elderly and Polish citizens facing difficult life situations.


Ministerstwo Rodziny i Polityki Spolecznej
ul. Nowogrodzka 1/3/5
00‐513 Warsaw

Partner 1

Federacja Polskich Bankow Zywnosci (PL)

Federacja Polskich Bankow Zywnosci consists of 31 food banks. Their mission is hoarding food and distributing it to people in need.


Federacja Polskich Bankow Zywnosci
Al. Jerozolimskie 30 lok. 8
00-024 Warsaw

Partner 2

Caritas Polska

Caritas is the largest charity organization in Poland, helping the poor, the elderly, the homeless and more.


Caritas Polska
ul. Okopowa 55,
01-043 Warsaw

Partner 3

Polski Czerwony Krzyz (PCK)

PCK is part of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement - an international humanitarian movement. Its mission is to protect human life.


ul. Mokotowska 14
00-561 Warsaw

Partner 4

Polski Komitet Pomocy Społecznej (PL)

Polski Komitet Pomocy Społecznej is a non-governmental organization founded in 1958 and registered as a charity association. Its mission is to encourage Polish citizens to support those who need help.


ul. Wiejska 18 room number 20
00-490 Warsaw

-distributing food packages for people in need of help due to difficult life situation - for instance financial situation
- arranging free trainings and courses
- educating people about the healthy diet habits
- educating people about ways to stop wasting food
- culinary workshops with culinary experts and chefs

- Over 66 000 tons of food hoarded
- Over 7 million food packages prepared
- Almost 2 million meals
- Over million people received help
- Over 9 000 additional activities (workshops and trainings) were organized with 163 000 participants

Roles of the volunteers


Have been involved in the implementation


Food banks, food packages, volunteers, support

Quality Standards of project with volunteers

I declare that my project meets all the quality requirements here listed

  • There are clear, planned outcomes for the local community based on identified needs.
  • Volunteers bring added value to the project and don’t replace paid staff.
  • Volunteers are recruited, trained and managed according to the quality volunteer management cycle.
  • The conditions of the opportunity are inline with the relevant legal framework in the country/ region concerned. Eg regarding insurance, expenses payments, agreements/contracts etc.
  • The volunteers are celebrated and thanked for their time and commitment.


  • The organization providing the volunteer opportunity demonstrates an inclusive approach. Volunteers from all backgrounds and situations are welcome.


  • There is the opportunity for the learning acquired through volunteering to be validated, if the volunteer desires it.