Integration for all

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Community development

European identity and values


The project "Integration for all" seeks to promote the social transformation of the territory through the exchange offered by the reception of young volunteers in social organizations.

Associació Obre't'ebre

obre't'ebre is a non-profit association that works in the field of youth, especially with young people at risk of exclusion. Its area of influence is Terres de l'Ebre, in the south of Catalonia. The area is characterised by being rural and with a high rate of unemployed people.


Carrer Ulldecona, 26, 1R 2N

Partner 1

Ajuntament de Roquetes



Av. Diputació, S/N, 43520 Roquetes, Tarragona

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Partner 2

Istituto dei Sordi

The Turin Institute for the Deaf has been engaged for some time in an intense work of internationalisation of its activities and projects. Together with partners from foreign institutions with similar purposes, sharing experiences, research projects, building lasting paths of exchange, are in fact a necessary stimulus for our growth and continuing education.


Via S. Pancrazio, 65, 10044 Pianezza TO, Italia

Partner 3

Ajuntament de Tortosa



Pl. d'Espanya, 1 | 43500 Tortosa

The benefit has to be for the young people and organizations that participate in the program, with the aim of building a more sustainable and social Europe.

The work that the young volunteers will offer in the different host institutions will help to stimulate and contribute to the improvement that our society needs, basicaly rural. In the course of volunteering, young people are encouraged to promote their own initiatives and develop new skills and competencies related to entrepreneurship. From the organizations will work to achieve these goals by supporting the volunteer who carries out activities autonomously and develop creative projects tailored to the needs of the organization. With regard to entities and the local community, the objective is for local volunteers involved in the development of the service (young local volunteers of the different entities, young people who participate in linguistic tandem ...) to learn and be able to develop new skills through formations promoted by the Erasmus Plus program.

Roles of the volunteers


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Community development ,Inclusion European identity and values

Quality Standards of project with volunteers

I declare that my project meets all the quality requirements here listed

  • There are clear, planned outcomes for the local community based on identified needs.
  • Volunteers bring added value to the project and don’t replace paid staff.
  • Volunteers are recruited, trained and managed according to the quality volunteer management cycle.
  • The conditions of the opportunity are inline with the relevant legal framework in the country/ region concerned. Eg regarding insurance, expenses payments, agreements/contracts etc.
  • The volunteers are celebrated and thanked for their time and commitment.


  • The organization providing the volunteer opportunity demonstrates an inclusive approach. Volunteers from all backgrounds and situations are welcome.


  • There is the opportunity for the learning acquired through volunteering to be validated, if the volunteer desires it.