ICT tools for the implementation and management of European projects

Introduction to projects management systems

A project management system is a way to manage a project. Project management is planning, organizing and managing the various aspects required. Depending on the sophistication of the project management system, it can include: estimation activities, quality management, change control, resource allocation, scheduling, cost control, decision-making managing and budget management.

There are two categories of project management system: project management software applications (Monday, SLACK, AdminProject, Wrike, Trello etc.) and general software applications (spreadsheets, databases, graphic editing and word processing)

Benefits of project management:

  • greater efficiency in service delivery,
  • improvement, growth and greater customer satisfaction,
  • greater efficiency in service delivery,
  • improving growth and development among project participants,
  • achieving a high market position; competitive advantage,
  • the possibility of expanding and developing services,
  • greater flexibility,
  • better communication between individual project team members,
  • increased quality,
  • the application of project management standards allows people involved in project work to think creatively.

Source: https://blog.teamwave.com/best-project-management-tools-for-small-business/